With a killer Operating System, contained on a super-fast USB 3.0 wristband, StormFly is basically a PC on your wrist.


Plug in. Reboot. Fly.

When you plug StormFly into a Mac or PC*, you reboot the computer, interrupt the boot process (not as hard as it sounds) and then redirect all of the computer hardware to run everything from StormFly.


Welcome to Now Computing

We called our company Now Computing because we think people want the freedom to move their Operating Systems and data around lots of different computers, and immediately access it. That is what StormFly is all about. The ability to get to your information now.


Family time

StormFly is perfect as a family computing solution. Unfortunately the younger family members (and older ones) can often download the wrong things and slow the family computer down.
Because StormFly acts as an independent computer, the Operating System on the PC you use it on will not even turn on. Bottom line - if everyone uses a StormFly you prevent problems on your home computer. Happy kids. Happy you.

Backup and replacement

We know that backing up data is not always easy to do, or to remember. It's the kinda thing we all forget until it is too late, and for kids using StormFly the risk of losing homework and projects is something we hate to imagine happening.

Because of that we have created a really easy backup and replacement system for StormFly. If you subscribe to our service StormFly simply backs itself up whenever you are online.

There is no complicated setup, no options of how much space to choose - whatever you create on StormFly in terms of documents, music, files etc are safely duplicated in an encrypted server - neither you nor even our team of experts can or will access it. If your StormFly is lost or stolen you can order a new one, and we'll ship it with all your data, and even your password, exactly like it was (at the time of your last backup). Simple, secure and straightforward.

USB 3.0. Think fast, faster and then think fastest.

We built StormFly for speed. Running an Operating System from a USB is not easy, there's a lot of information spinning back and forth to make things happen at lightning speed. Because of that we designed USB 3.0, the latest USB standard, and we tweaked it a bit to give it some properties of SSD (Solid State Drives). The result gives you a device that not only allows you to run your Operating System, it also gives you a standard USB storage device that is super-fast.

Share your work

We added another feature to StormFly that will help people as they move around and work with multiple computers, our Shared Folder. Visible both inside the Operating System that is on StormFly, and visible as a folder in any running Operating System (Windows or MacOS) that you plug into without rebooting StormFly, the Shared Folder let's you easily share your work both inside and outside of your StormFly world.


As well as being great fun for individuals we think StormFly is a perfect solution for schools. So many schools have few PC's and way too many kids. Much as we adore kids, the usual school IT scenario is continually disrupted settings on computers, bad downloads and headaches for administrators and IT support people. Next to that the cost of supplying more computers, or putting in place cloud or 'virtualization' solutions are usually complicated and expensive for many schools.


StormFly brings a whole new approach to schools. The device can be added to school lists so that parents can help fund StormFly programs in schools, and whatever infrastructure a school has becomes a lot easier to manage as kids can no longer disrupt settings on school PC's, every time they reboot StormFly is their PC. For anyone interested in our school solutions you can see our education specific video here, or contact us at for more information.