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Mar 03, 2013

We are proud to announce our Kickstarter campaing successfully funded!

At last! we raised 120K $ from out kickstarter campaign to fund our first manufacturing run. This money will help us get to market, improve our product, tell people our story and get us ready to expand our business. That could not be done without the incredible support and passion given by our backers! Again, a big THANK YOU ALL!... (Read more)

WT Innovation World Cup 2012

Feb 06, 2013

Finalists at Wearable Tecnologies Innovation World Cup 2012

We are proud to announce we scored finalists at Wearable Tecnologies Innovation World Cup 2012, celebrated this year in Munich (Germany) where around 280 projects were presented. The Innovation World Cup 2012 focuses on new Wearable Technologies in Sports&Fitness, Healthcare&Wellness, Security&Prevention and Gaming&Lifestyle. Benefit from this booming market and the opportunities that come with technological innovations... (Read more)


Feb 05, 2013

Barcelona's Now Computing has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help bring its StormFly operating-system-on-a-wristband to market

Factors such as damaging or space-hogging downloads, personalized desktops, tweaked settings or all manner of accumulated digital detritus can have serious effects on the performance of shared computers. Super Talent offered some welcome relief to PC users in 2010 with its Express RAM Cache thumb drives, allowing users to carry their own virtual desktop, personal files and favorite programs from computer to computer. Now Computing out of Barcelona, Spain, has taken the next logical step by throwing a full operating system on a wrist-worn flash drive.... (Read more)


Feb 05, 2013

StormFly Kickstarts The Storm Versus Betting On The Cloud

Commuters, kids, business travelers and anyone on the move: How would you like to carry a lite-weight version of your computer on your wrist? While Cloud Computing is definitely the wave of the future, with hundreds of millions of PCs shipping each year, a good amount of today's computing happens locally. And to that end, StormFly has found the answer to moving complete operating systems between devices, quickly, easily and securely.... (Read more)


Feb 04, 2013

'Take the Computing, Leave the Computer' with StormFly

Startup Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Help Fund Its Personal Computing Solution; Ultraportable USB 3.0 Device With Built-In OS

Now Computing, a developer of personal computing solutions, today unveiled a Kickstarter campaign to help secure funding for its new portable personal computing platform - StormFly. An ideal solution for younger users, as well as students and professionals... (Read more)