About us

StormFly was created by the team at Now Computing. Now Computing is a company that creates devices that let you take your operating systems with you wherever you go.

You can learn more about Now Computing and how we think computing should be in this video:

Although we love 'Cloud Computing' we think it is not the only way things should be in the future. We see tons of local computers and applications, and we think that 'Cloud' is not the only solution to the problems people face with their computers. That is why we created Now Computing. For people who want access to their information NOW.


As well as the StormFly product you see on this website we also make products for businesses, products that let them move around their business Operating Systems on different computers. This lets big companies allow their employees to use their own personal computers, using the company operating system securely on one of Now Computing's products.


You can learn more about Now Computing here: